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Eclipse Composites serves a diverse base of international customers. Our approach to solving problems transcends industry designations. Our products and services share a common trait : meeting technically challenging requirements.


From glass/astroquartz reinforced radomes to highly engineered carbon reinforced integrated structures, Eclispe Composites Engineering provides solutions for weight reduction, improved fatigue performance, reducing part counts and more via design and manufacturing of advanced composites.


We develop composite structures for stiffness, impact resistance, EMI/EMP shielding, faraday cages, focused lethality, etc., for integration in munitions, missiles, and national defense.


Highly engineering and tightly toleranced components in applications where performance and cosmetic appeal counts.


Eclipse Composite Engineering has developed an affordable “commercial-off-the-shelf” carbon fiber antenna system for Ka band applications. Designed for use in emergency, exploratory, and defense operations, the robust segmented system is easily transportable and deploys rapidly.


Lighter, stiffer, faster  – solutions for high volume industrial assemblies.