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Eclipse Composites has earned a reputation as the leader in the development of advanced composite hardware. Our composite products are designed to meet harsh operating environments and rigorous performance standards.

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Innovative materials and process engineering, coupled with rapid curing technologies permits, scalable composite product manufacturing that is unlike traditional methods.

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Markets Served


Carbon reinforced thermosets for weight reduction


Rugged, advanced composite structures for MIL- STD-810 harsh environments


Highly engineered and tightly toleranced components in applications where performance and cosmetic appeal counts.


Carbon and glass reinforced vinyl ester and epoxy composite structures for harsh marine environments


Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) carbon reinforced laminates for – 100°C to 100°C environments

ISO 9001:2015

Eclipse Composites, Inc. and its Quality Management System are certified ISO 9001:2015 by the International Organization for Standardization under the scope of “design and manufacture of composite material items for US military/DOD agencies.” A copy of our current certification is located here.

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Trusted by clients around the globe.

Eclipse provides reliable products to the most demanding customers operating in the harshest environments.