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We engineer military-grade composite satcom antenna technologies that are durable and portable. Designed for easy transportation and setup, our products are engineered and manufactured in-house, so the quality and care that we demand can be enforced with each and every product.

Pioneer Series Antenna Solution

These commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) carbon fiber reinforced segmented antennas are used in satcom-on-the-move and manpack applications. Our Pioneer line is available in 130cm, 100cm, 80cm, and 60cm sizes for Ka, Ku, and X bandwidths.

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Resin Transfer
Molding (RTM)

Reduced touch times and integration of embedded dissimilar materials, such as metallic inserts, can be achieved in a repeatable manner with the RTM net-shape molding process. Our unique clamshell molding and tooling techniques allows for integrated heating elements that reduce the need for ovens, presses or autoclaves for curing. This enables Eclipse Composites to decrease cycle times for manufacturing processes which are traditionally labor intensive and time consuming.

Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)

Affordable yet highly effective molding of large structures using vacuum-only pressures

Composite Stamping

Several years in development, Eclipse Composites offers a composite structure made with an innovative stamping process, meeting all the requirements of traditional composite products but with reduced cycle times. The carbon fiber structure was cured in a hydraulic press as an out-of-autoclave and out-of-oven alternative to what is traditionally equipment-laden processes.