Pioneer Series Antenna Solution Eclipse Composites Engineering has developed an affordable 'off-the-shelf' antenna system

Compact, Light-weight Design

Eclipse Composites Engineering has teamed with Optim Microwave to produce an affordable ‘off-the-shelf’ antenna system. Designed for use in military, emergency, exploratory and SNG applications requiring easy transport and rapid deployment.

  • 50% lighter than aluminum

  • Less than 2 minute reflector assembly time

  • Multiband reflector (X, Ku, Ka-band)

  • Removable Feed

  • Identical, Interchangeable petals

  • No particular order of assembly

  • Mil-Std 810G Environmental Compliance

  • 45 Km/h Wind Load

  • Painted / Cerakote Options available

  • Patented Design

Eclipse Composites Engineering has earned a reputation as a leader in the development of advanced composite hardware. Our composites are designed to meet the rigorous standards of the U.S. military.
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