Composite Fabrication Processes

The majority of products manufactured at Eclipse Composites are fabricated used closed molding methods. Closed mold processes such as Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM), Reusable Bag Molding (RSBM), Compression Molding and Vacuum Infusion Processes (VIP) are used to produce precision parts for most segmented and single-piece antenna reflectors. In closed molding, dry reinforcements are laid into the base mold, the mold is closed and resin is introduced into the closed cavity using a pressure pump or vacuum. When the laminate is cured the mold is opened and the part removed.

Compared to traditional 1-sided/open molding methods, closed molding processes enable Eclipse Composites to control fiber and resin content more accurately - properties which significantly affect dimensional stability, accuracy, and cosmetic appearance.

Quality Assurance

Eclipse Composites has a Quality Assurance program which enables the continual monitoring of product for form, fit and functionality. Beginning with incoming material inspection, all materials pass thru a Receiving Inspection process where critical attributes are verified prior to release to the manufacturing floor. Fabrication processes are defined and documented, and all technicians receive training on each process. A complete build record is kept for each individual part. Standards of Work are posted above work-stations for each step in manufacturing. Eclipse has a standard inspection sampling plan spanning First Article thru Recurring Production, or we can work to specific customer specifications.


Eclipse has a technical training program in place. Key manufacturing processes are documented and a training schedule is generated for each employee. Employees are responsible to be current in their training matrix. New processes and products are transitioned to manufacturing thru the Development Engineering department thru hands-on experience as well as written procedure.

Resources / Equipment

Eclipse has all the resources necessary to lead product development from conceptual design thru production manufacturing. Eclipse facilities include a 10,000 sqft manufacturing area, including a full machine shop, Inspection Room, R&D area, 3 Ovens, 80-Ton Platten Press, Pattern Cutting equipment, Paint booth and lay-up stations.

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Eclipse Composites Engineering has earned a reputation as a leader in the development of advanced composite hardware. Our composites are designed to meet the rigorous standards of the U.S. military.