Pioneer Series Antenna Solution|Military Grade Composite SATCOM Antennas|Custom Solutions From Design-To-Manufacturing|Precision Composite Reflectors Supporting X-Ka Bandwidths|Focusing Energy Into Innovation 60cm, 80cm, 1M and 1.2 "Off-the-Shelf" carbon fiber manpack antenna solutions in X, Ku and Ka-bandwidths|We engineer military-grade composite satcom antenna technology that are light-weight, durable, and portable. Designed for easy transportation and setup, our products are engineered and manufactured in-house, so the quality and care that we demand can be enforced on each and every product.

Ultra Portable Comminications

Get a better understanding of where Eclipse Composites Engineering came from and how it developed its amazing light-weight carbon fiber reflectors. From the simple beginnings of an Air Force research and development activity into a thriving small business with multiple products and ever increasing capabilities.

Product Development

Your product's life begins with creative brainstorming coupled with a detailed evaluation of requirements and desired attributes. This may include dimensional, environmental, cosmetic, cost and branding objectives. Eclipse will work with your engineering and product development team to produce a reflector within your specifications. Communication and concurrent engineering is key - from initial concept generation to Critical Design Review, where you have final design approval. Together, we can leverage the proven technologies developed at Eclipse Composites with your unique application. In addition to composite reflectors, Eclipse Specializes in Electro-magnetic (EM) Composite applications. Eclipse has provided solutions for EM Enclosures and cases, conductive adhesives and various shielding applications.

Composite Materials

Eclipse utilizes proprietary composite nano-materials within the composite laminate to enhance the RF reflective properties, particularly at frequencies >20GHz. Secondarily applied conductive paints or metallized coatings are not necessary when using Eclipse´┐Żs proprietary laminate recipes. The increased stiffness of Carbon Fiber materials has enabled weight reduction up to 70% and facilitated greater precision on the parabolic surface when compared to aluminum. Carbon Fiber materials have a much lower Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) which reduces parabolic surface distortion due to thermal gradients across the reflector surface.


Ongoing Research and Development

Eclipse invests heavily in research and development. WE strive to remain innovative across all platforms, including:

-> Conductive Nano-materials

-> Composite Materials and Processing methods

-> High Performance Resin systems

-> Product design forms for harsh environments

-> Weight reduction and portability

-> Non-contact Inspection methods and equipment

-> Tooling concepts

Eclipse has teamed with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) on numerous R&D projects and currently has a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) in place. Eclipse has been the recipient of multiple DoD sponsored contracts for R&D in SATCOM Antennas, Electro-magnetic Materials, Rapid Innovation and Improving Manufacturing Methods & Technologies.

Eclipse Composites Engineering has earned a reputation as a leader in the development of advanced composite hardware. Our composites are designed to meet the rigorous standards of the U.S. military.

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